Sunsets – Saying Goodbye


I know. Here I am on the opening page of my new blog and I already have posted photos of two beautiful sunsets. Truthfully, though, each one represents opposite aspects of my personal experience the last several months. The sunsets remind me of 2015, the year that I: 1. Had a late-stage, “mid-life crisis”, 2. Went searching for my bliss, 3. Radically changed course because of career disappointments, or, 4. As a longtime friend bluntly and rather insensitively stated, made a life-altering decision that was “just nuts”. You can be the judge, if judging makes you feel better. In truth, all I ever wanted was to be loved, supported, challenged and valued in my life. In July of this year, I accepted the fact that my needs, in more than one of these areas, were not being met and hadn’t been for too long. The sunset in this post was from my home overlooking Three Tree Point just south of Seattle. It was not the largest home I ever owned, but it was the most beautiful, serene and lovely. The grounds extended to over 26,000 square feet on two levels with lush landscaping that was everything I had ever hoped for in a NW home. I knew it was special, and, as I had predicted to my realtor, it sold very quickly; with multiple offers, for well over the asking price. Not only did I sell my home, I sold, gifted or donated everything in it….everything. Well, that’s not entirely true. I packed two large suitcases of clothes and walked out at the closing of escrow. And what about Buddy the dog, you ask? He was adopted out to a warm and caring mildly handicapped lady north of Seattle. She even called and left a message before I left thanking me for bringing him into her life. #tears

So sunsets obviously have a special meaning to be. Depending on your POV, they could mean the end of a lifestyle and standard of living that I may never know again. But, as the title of this blog suggests, they might portend new nations and experiences for this new American expat from Seattle.

My suggestion du jour (you know that I always seem to have one) is to find your own sunset, whether it exists in your own backyard, or on another continent. Whatever meaning it may have to you at that moment, a sunset can sometimes change your life forever.