Welcome to New Nations: The Expat Experience. It’s a concept I developed over the last several months during my own journey into international living. In lieu of a traditional travelogue, my goal is to showcase not only what people see when they live abroad, but what they feel. Changing a routine is one thing. Even moving within a country can be daunting, but manageable.  It’s when you realize that nothing you have accepted before as reality remains in place once you cross the border into another country. The laws, culture, attitude, food, communication, resources, transportation, housing, clothing, government, mores and just about anything else you, heretofore, have taken for granted are out the window. It’s that adjustment reaction and cultural adoption I find so interesting. But not to worry, I also will be sharing travel highlights of this wonderment known as our world with you. And may we all learn and grow together as part of the expat experience!